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Dynamics GP Mainstream Support Ending 2015

by Tanya Kratzer 4. December 2014 18:38

Mainstream support is ending for Dynamics GP 2010 on 10/13/2015, so it is important to start planning early for an upgrade well before this date.

Considerations should include:

  • Infrastructure compatibility such as server and client operating systems, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, and virtualization software.
  • Best time for your staff to commit to testing, training, and acceptance.
  • Optimal go-live date that is reasonable, with a secondary date to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

Microsoft changed the licensing for Dynamics GP with the release of 2013, so there will be additional modules that are now available at no extra charge, that you may want to implement post-upgrade such as:

  • Fixed Assets
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for Payables Management (EFT PM)
  • National Accounts for Receivables Management
  • Revenue/Expense Deferrals
  • Payroll and Human Resources (unlimited employees across unlimited company databases)
  • Purchase Order Processing/Receiving

Feel free to call me at 608-826-2092 if you would like a budgetary estimate.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Year End Updates - Available Now!

by Tanya Kratzer 26. November 2014 18:30

Happy Thanksgiving! 


Year-end updates are available for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 and the latest versions of SL 2011.

Download is available via CustomerSource:


Please note that Dynamics SL 2011 users must be on SP1 or later to use these year-end updates.  To read the details, please check the following link:


If you need assistance with applying the year end updates, please contact us at 608-826-2400, option 1 for technical support.


Dynamics SL Year End Updates

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Released!

by Tanya Kratzer 21. October 2014 00:12

Microsoft Dynamics SL version 2015 was released on October 1, 2014, a full month earlier than anticipated.

There are significant enhancements in this release.  Web Apps that were released for Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1 have been enhanced, and more Web Apps added.  These Apps will replace Business Portal, which is not available for Dynamics SL 2015.

Here is a sampling of what 2015 includes:

·         Streamlined Multi-Company Processing

·         Enhanced Multi-Company Security for Projects

·         Basic Resource Management Web App now available

·         Financial Enhancements in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

·         Payroll enhancements to remove redundant or unnecessary steps

·         Enhanced Reporting throughout, including refreshable Excel files in Quick Query

·         Dynamics SL Web Apps provide browser-based access to view and enter data through a tablet, smartphone or desktop machine:

o   Project Timesheet entry

o   Project Correcting Timecards

o   Project Expense Entry (with receipt attachments)

o   Project Expense Reports

o   Project Maintenance & Inquiry

o   Budget Maintenance, Revisions & Inquiry

o   Project Invoice Approval

o   Item Request Entry & Approval

·         Source Code for Web Apps gives you the ability to customize screens by adding/removing fields or by adding code.

Of course, Dynamics SL 2011 will be supported until 7/12/2016, but if you plan on upgrading during calendar year 2015, I would be happy to provide you with a preliminary services estimate as well as system requirements so you can budget appropriately for this transition.  Thanks, Tanya Kratzer (608) 826-2092


Dynamics SL 2015

Are thieves stealing control of your customers' bank accounts?

by Clint Crigger CISSP 9. September 2014 21:40

We’ve all read the headlines recently:


“$300k Stolen from Home Depot Customers in Two Hours”


“Home Depot Thieves go Unnoticed for Five Months”


“1st American and Bank of America pillaged by Taxicab Card-Swiping Terminals”


“Target’s CIO Resigns After Failure to Safeguard Customers’ Credit Card Information”

  • Security breaches are increasing in frequency and severity.

  • Cyber criminals are becoming more  sophisticated.

  • Thefts are escaping detection until the damage is catastrophic.

Some of these breaches have left victims vulnerable to future fraud.

For example: most Home Depot transactions are likely to occur in the same or nearby ZIP code as the cardholder. This means that the thieves can use the ZIP codes in the scored card data to quickly and more accurately locate the Social Security number and date of birth of cardholders using criminal services in the underground that sell this information. With this information the crooks can reset the account PIN, check balances, make transfers and withdrawals and increase withdrawal limits.

Is Your Organization Putting Customers at Risk?

Did you know that SVA Consulting has staff with extensive experience securing organizations in the following industries.

  • Financial Services Industry
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • HealthCare
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • IT
  • Education
  • Non-Profits

Contact me at 608-826-2708 if you are an organization combating potential vulnerability threats.

For more information about the benefits and limits of credit monitoring services — as well as other helpful tips to proactively safeguard your credit file — see this story.

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External-facing vulnerability threats

by Tanya Kratzer 27. August 2014 21:08

Did you know that SVA Consulting has staff with extensive experience in performing PEN tests (Penetration Testing) in the Financial Services Industry for Banking and Insurance organizations as well as PEN test experience in HealthCare,  Aerospace and Defense, Manufacturing, Retail, IT, Education and Non-Profits?  Contact me at 608-826-2092 if you are an organization combating potential external-facing vulnerability threats.




PEN Testing | Security

System Requirements for Microsoft Dynamics® SL 2015

by Tanya Kratzer 15. August 2014 22:57

Microsoft Dynamics® SL 2015 will be releasing in late Q4 of 2014. To help you prepare for your upgrade, I've published the system requirements released by Microsoft this past spring.

System Requirements_SL2015.pdf (486.94 kb)

System Requirements_SL2015_WebApplications.pdf (302.83 kb)

Please contact me at 608-826-2400 x2092 should you need a budgetary estimate for services for your upgrade project.


Tanya Kratzer

Microsoft Dynamics - Why a Test Upgrade is Important

by Tanya Kratzer 25. June 2014 20:26

One of the most important steps in any upgrade process is your test environment. If you have not set up a test environment yet, or perhaps your existing environment is in need of some attention, now is the time to get it 100% functional. You might be saying, “I’ve never done a test upgrade before, why would I start now?” Perhaps you’re the type to just make some backups, shoot for the moon, and hope that everything goes fine. Don’t put it off any longer! You could use that old server that your IT staff uses for a doorstop, or a simple Virtual Machine deployed in Hyper-V, or perhaps it’s time to explore the Microsoft Azure workspace and deploy some virtual machines in the cloud to test your upgrade! Whichever you decide to use, your system, time, and (more importantly) data will be much more protected from unforeseen issues in a test environment.

If you rely on some of the great third party add-ons that are available for Dynamics for your day-to-day workings, your test environment is a perfect sandbox to confirm their functionality with new releases, and with one another. A test environment is a great place to work with new add-ons you may be considering implementing in your environment. Keeping your business processes working smoothly is a very high priority, and performing valid tests of these functions before taking the plunge will ensure a smooth transition into a new release.

Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Compatible with SQL Server 2014

by Tanya Kratzer 1. May 2014 17:52

Dynamics GP 2013 R2, scheduled to release later this month, will be compatible with SQL Server 2014. There are no plans to test GP 2010 compatibility with SQL Server 2014.  For GP 2010, you will need Hotfix KB 2654242 Version 11.00.1914 or later to be compatible with SQL Server 2012.


Dynamics GP 2013 | Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics GP Convergence News

by Tanya Kratzer 12. April 2014 00:46

Here is a link to a Prezi presentation regarding the recent news on the new road map and rapid release cycles, beginning with Dynamics GP 2013 Release 2 (R2). 


Dynamics GP 2013

Dynamics GP 2013 R2 - LATEST NEWS!

by Tanya Kratzer 12. March 2014 21:20

The next update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, called GP 2013 R2, appears to now have a target release date in the range of late March to May 2014.

(Note: An earlier report from a Microsoft source to a GP blogger noted that GP 2013 R2 will be released in May 2014, but that statement appears to have been retracted.)

Microsoft decided on the release name of GP 2013 R2 rather than "SP3" due to its size. According to one report, the release has been characterized as "very large", presumably in comparison to a typical service pack, with both table changes and a range of new features.

Key takeaways from Convergence 2014 relating to Dynamics GP Roadmap:


Rapid release, twice a year

Will implement votes from MSConnect into regular releases

Deepened investment in .Net development

Building out apps for procurement and time entry to replace Business Portal (no BP for GP 2015)

Full replacement of existing workflows – move from SP workflow to Dynamics GP native workflow

Moving to Dex-based service call (consumes and exposes services – example is creating a batch from an integration)

Replacing existing Requisition Management solution and moving into GP (fat and web client)

Business Analyzer release 6 (now HTML 5 for cross device support to be supported in the future)

Windows 8 design


Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Big Rocks and Features (Mar-May release)






Identity Management



SmartList Designer 2.0 – create a brand new SmartList from an existing SmartList

New auto-hide feature in SmartList – navigation pane will automatically disappear once you’ve clicked your favorite in SmartList

Take company offline – lock for maintenance

Print remaining docs for email

Print and email in one step

Email and print any report in word format – email based on document type (quotes versus orders, etc.)

Document Attach 3.0 – email attachments with all your transaction attachments

Convert OLE notes to doc attach Attachments, which are saved as a blob in SQL (OLE object migration utility)

SSRS on transaction forms

Ribbons on desktop client

Ribbons on all forms

Azure Backups – one click and have your backups stored directly into the Microsoft Azure storage infrastructure

BIG ROCK - New workflow framework – moving from SharePoint to native GP (POs and Requisitions first, migrate the rest of the existing workflows in GP in future releases)

BIG ROCK – Identity Management - Web Client Login = Single Sign On



Reverse the fiscal year end close process Utility

Fixed Assets – Default asset ID from asset class

Multi-currency is now linked to Analytical Accounting

Copy and paste from Excel into General Ledger JE (validates data being pasted)

Default soft order for checks in Payables Management Setup

New inquiry window – looking up cash receipts, you can now see what checkbook it went into, in one spot

BIG ROCK - Requisitions Phase I – access via limited user license

BIG ROCK – Procurement – via app



“Suggested Items” enhancement

Assign an item to multiple sites

Prepayment Additions



Encumbrance reports with SSRS

Business Analyzer Release 6

Simple Time Management entry from web client (tap, enter, submit)

Remove inactive pay code

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